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Cloud Accounting

How many people has wondered what is “cloud”, “cloud computing” or “cloud accounting”, let us give you a quick explanation —
‘The cloud’ is simply a fancy word for ‘the internet’ and “cloud computing” simply refers to software and business tools that run online. This means there’s nothing to install on your computer and everything is on the internet, so you just simply access the service through your web browser.

Cloud accounting (or call Live accounting) enables small business owners to access their business information in the same way a large corporation would – and better still, not matter where you go and what time it is, it can be always available anytime, anywhere you are online.

Cloud accounting provides accurate monitoring of a business’ cash flow, electronic customer invoicing, facilitates BAS preparation and profit reporting. As cloud accounting utilizes the internet, it can be fully accessed via an iPhone/iPad/Android phone and other mobile technologies.

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Excel Consulting

In today’s constant changing business environment, managers and executives are expected to offer new insights to the business regularly. Existing reports are unlikely to help managers and executives identify the new trends as soon they appear. with the limited formulas and functions knowledge in Excel is not enough to accomplish the job. Managers and executives must know the how to use right way to analysis the data and to help them identify the KPIs, patterns and the trends. This can only be achieved if they possess the last critical Excel skills. At New E Accounting, our business consultants and partners can offer a comprehensive excel solution for you to improve your business reporting and data analysis. Our services include:

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